Welcome to Nolife

What is Nolife

In short Nolife is social media platform for gamers. It comes with all basic features of such site. You get your own wall, where you can see posts from your friends or post shared on team wall, that you are part of. We don't just build next Twitter, Forum or Tournament Bracket Generator. We try to build things that gamers need and create integrations between them. Like how in Tournament you can set our platform user as participants. Now its not just name in some bracket, it becomes link what visitors can check out and see that this users like to compete.

Keep your guild informed

One of main purpose of planform is to simplify communication between guild leaders and its members. For it we have developed system that allows you to create page for your guild. No more downloading some forum frameworks, paying to host it and complicated setups to get it running. Guild page by its nature is basically like user page, but it can be managed by multiple users, on different permission levels.

Tournaments Bracket generator

In some games, guilds like to organize events and tournaments to keep guild life active. For those we have created tournament bracket generator. As always our idea is to integrate different functionalities of our site. This why you can use our platform user/team profiles as participants, but as we are still new platform and not everyone has an account on our platform, we also allow custom labels as participant.

Tournaments bracket generator isn't only meant for guild inside the games but also for people who organize competitions in real life.